"Real Credit Repair" - The way professionals do it! (1) by Torchwood LLC

"Real Credit Repair" - The way professionals do it! (1) by Torchwood LLC
"Real Credit Repair" - The way professionals do it! (1) by Torchwood LLC (click images to enlarge)

"Real Credit Repair" - The way professionals do it! (1) by Torchwood LLC

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Description of "Real Credit Repair" - The way professionals do...

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Manufacturer Description

The question foremost in your mind is, “Is there anything that I can do to save my assets in this recession? This is obviously why you purchased our book.

Point one; your major obstacle to overcome is time. Eventually the economy will recover and this recession will become only a bad memory. We have gone through downturns in the economy several times in the past few decades. This one will also eventually pass on.

Point two; to buy time you need access to money. Hopefully you will be able to juggle bill paying to stay out of foreclosure and bankruptcy long enough to see the turn around in the economy, get your job back, increase sales, etc.

Point three; one of your major hurdles for survival may well be your credit score. Our financial system has become so dependent upon the credit report and credit score that it seems no one believes the system can function without it.

Point four; the curious thing about the credit reporting system is that it is flawed and no one seems to care to fix it. Credit reporting is all about compiling and selling information. It is not about creating an adjunct system that serves to make this a better world in which we live.

You searched this book because it promised to show you how to do credit score repair like the professionals. We stated that the other books on the market do not offer this insider information; the real power of credit score repair. This is what we started out to write about when MarkDarner and Lee Clukey got together. And we will deliver on that promise.

this book has all the information you need to have better credit scores immediately. Easy to read, easy to use, buy it now.

We have brought together in one volume a clear picture of how to deal with credit score repair. Unlike other books that are filled with conceptual approaches, endless examples of how others have dealt with their financial situations that require you to interpret to figure out how they apply to your specific situation, we have striven to create a book that provides comprehensive (yet easy to read and understand) explanations of how the credit industry works and specific “How To” instructions for accomplishing your objectives – “Saving Your Ass-ets!”

We have avoided enlarging our book with fluff (wordy explanations) and filler (subjects not pertinent to the issues at hand, clipart, big line spacing, etc.). We are offering real world information in the most concise manner possible that will enable you to learn how to strategically fight to save or salvage what is left of your assets and your financial and emotional life.

We sincerely hope this helps you receover the credit score you need to make life livable. Something can always be done about it!